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Under the motto “SAVE OUR COMMUNITY – SAVE YOUR PRIDE” the Berlin CSD parades through the capital for the 43rd time. 

Due to the pandemic, this year’s demonstration will focus on an almost pure demo with a protest march character. A small number of leadership and speaker vehicles will be allowed by the association, so that this important means for the dissemination of the demands, individual speeches and also musical components is guaranteed.

The demonstration can be guaranteed only under strict observance of the rules of hygiene and distance. The exchange with the authorities, as well as the police is very important. We expect all demonstrators to permanently comply with the mask requirement. And expect that drinks, food or cigarettes are supplied away from the demo route. Out of respect we also understand to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This consumption can influence the perception or compliance with the hygiene and distance rules. We ask everyone to respect and support this wish.

Any person can participate in this demonstration. Anyone who is traveling without a motorized vehicle may spontaneously join in anywhere in Berlin. You want to walk with a foot group, with rickshaws, bicycles, shopping or baby carriages or just like that or you want to be part of the CSD Berlin with a vehicle? We ask you to send a request to the office of the board and demo leadership.  

End of registration was on 17.7.21.


The meeting point will be the starting zone on Leipziger Straße: between Charlottenstraße and Axel-Springer Straße. The protest procession will move along Leipziger Straße to Potsdamer Platz, where it will turn right in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate. We pass the memorial of the murdered homosexuals of Nazi socialism and the Jewish memorial. The music of the trucks will be silent here. Then the people pass the Brandenburg Gate, and move towards the Victory Column. The procession finally turns onto the route to the Urania and officially ends there.

Hygiene rules

The demonstration participants will be instructed in the following protective measures and rules of conduct in accordance with infection control such as “sneezing etiquette”, classification, distance rules, etc.. For this purpose, stewards will be appointed who will inform about the hygiene rules to be observed by means of information signs, loudspeakers and direct address.

➢ Disruptive participants who are not willing to comply with the following rules or break these rules will be excluded in the course of the meeting/demonstration.

➢ Likewise, loudspeakers and signs will be used to communicate the mandatory wearing of a medical mask in order to reduce the risk of infection for other people.

➢ During the demonstration, all participants can disinfect their hands using the disinfection dispensers provided. This measure is offered by specially marked stewards. 

➢ Hospitality with alcoholic beverages before, during and after the demonstration is strictly prohibited. With the help of the stewards, it will be ensured that all participants in clear awareness of the distance requirement and the hygiene rules. 

➢ A distance requirement of at least 1.5 meters applies during the entire demonstration. This does not apply to: 

– Spouses of life partners, 

– Members of your own household, 

– Persons for whom custody and access rights exist. 

The distance requirement of the demonstration participants of at least 1.5 meters is ensured by the following points: 

  • We completely refrain from intermediate rallies and long stops/stops in order to avoid congestion of the participating people. This is also to ensure that the prescribed distance is maintained.
  • Stewards and organizers will ensure that the demonstration participants during the entire course of the demonstration to the distance requirement to draw attention. For this purpose, in addition to the measures already mentioned, five trucks, five cars and two vans with loudspeakers will be used. All transporters to be carried will be positioned at the start on Leipziger Straße at the height of Spittelmarkt. In addition, stewards will be deployed along the entire route to ensure safety and order. All transporters will be used, among other things, as a means of communication. For this purpose, an automatic announcement in German and English will be played at regular intervals to remind the participants of the hygiene regulations and the distance requirement via the loudspeakers and banners. At all vehicles there will be additional stewards who will secure the vehicles with a rope. For this purpose, one steward will act as a contact person in various situations in order to make any necessary announcements quickly. All necessary persons on the transporters are obliged to wear a medical mask. 

➢ For the routing in the area of the demonstration (as far as possible) a one-way system is planned, so that the oncoming traffic on the street is also used for the demonstration participants. Here it will be ensured that all demonstration participants have enough space to be able to implement the distance requirement. 

➢ The complete abandonment of a final rally will also prevent a gathering of people at the end of the demonstration. The end of the demonstration is at the Urania. For this, the square offers a sufficiently large area to officially end the demonstration. There will only be a loudspeaker announcement that the demonstration is officially over at this point. 

43. CSD Berlin – Demo | Route

Leipziger Straße: Zwischen Charlottenstraße & Axel-Springer-Straße 

Zeiten | Timings
12:00 Uhr Treffen – 13:00 Uhr Demo-Start

Ankunft | Finale
Ende Urania – Schöneberg