12. March 2024

Our motto for the CSD 2024

Many thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s forum and took part in choosing the 2024 motto.

New motto: Only strong together – for democracy and diversity

The grassroots forum of the Berlin CSD e.V. has decided on the motto for the Berlin CSD 2024. The motto “Only strong together – for democracy and diversity” is intended to send a clear signal for democracy and draw attention to the dangers of the AfD and every other right-wing group, regardless of their religious or cultural background. This includes, above all, the new Turkish-German party called DAVA.

On the other hand, the motto is intended to call for more cohesion in the queer community. There are conflicts in our community that disrupt cohesion. This year, the Berlin CSD would also like to develop measures to bring the queer community closer together again.

In addition to the motto, we would also like to develop a stronger political campaign to put pressure on the current political decision-makers for the demands. The demands for this year’s CSD will be finalized in the coming weeks and handed over to the mayor.

If you would like to help with the political campaign or the drafting of the demands, please write to us at forum@csd-berlin.de. We look forward to any support!