1. June 2023

Mental Health Taskforce

We are excited to introduce you to the #MentalHealthTaskforce!
Starting this season, the team will share content on mental health topics on our channels.
You will find contact points for psychological counseling, low-threshold offers, tips on, for example, habit change or stress management as well as news from science. The Mental Health Taskforce also organizes events during Berlin Pride Month.

Sophie Homeyer: “I am a pansexual cis woman and studied psychology (and some art at the Angewandte) in Vienna besides drinking Melange. In 2013 I landed in Berlin for my master’s degree and stayed.
In my colorful professional world, I lead workshops around Mental Health and coach individuals on their very personal path to an inner balance.”

Tobias Herrmann-Schwarz is a psychologist, couples therapist and sexual counselor.
He completed his Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Free University of Berlin. His practice specializes in LGBTQ+ issues. He has been involved with the queer community since 2021 and teaches media literacy to elementary school children on a project basis.
Online he is also known under the creator name “saiboTeur”.

With her many years of experience as a graduate psychologist and psychological psychotherapist, Miriam Junge Miriam Junge specializes in life and business coaching. In 2014 she founded Junge und Kollegen GmbH, centers for psychotherapy and coaching, where she served as CEO for three years. In 2020 she wrote her first book “Small steps with big impact – with minimal change to maximum satisfaction”. In 2022 her 2nd book “Queer as F**k” was published, which she wrote together with Jochen Schropp about self-determination, sex and visibility. Miriam has her own coaching podcast “Small steps, big impact”.

Building on her method of “Microhabits”, Miriam produces psychologically based prevention courses for mental health in her current company “Microhabit”.