24. May 2022

Baltic Pride 4. Juni 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania

Baltic Pride is the joint LGBT+ Pride festival of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Each country hosts the festival every three years and has done so since 2008. Baltic Pride 2022 will take place June 1-5 in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
Lithuanian singer Jazzu, an ally of the local LGBT community, will be among those taking part in the Baltic Pride event “Pride Voices” on June 2, sharing her views on the need to promote diversity and equality. Pride Voices is a unique opportunity to hear community stories and celebrate diversity and equality. Our guests will share very personal and honest stories about their coming out, their struggle for equality, their relationships with family and friends, their challenges and their successes.

“Talking about Pride – my great Embassy team and I are proud to have contributed quite significantly to the development of the event’s Baltic Pride App,” says German Ambassador Matthias Sonn. The German Embassy in Lithuania is pleased to contribute the Baltic Pride Mobile App, which was developed for the 2022 festival. With it, one can follow and share all festival news and events. More info:  http://balticpridevilnius.lt

Currently, the most pressing issues for the LGBTIQ community are the lack of family equality (there is no marriage or civil partnership equality) and, specifically for the trans community, the lack of an administrative process for the EAA. For more on this and other issues, click here: https://www.lgl.lt/en/files/UPR1.pdf

The CSD Berlin is official partner of Baltic Pride 2022.