22. July 2022

Being your true self is priceless

We believe in everyone’s right to live out their true selves and are proud to do our part to make that happen. That’s why Mastercard stands alongside organizations like CSD Berlin that support initiatives and programs that move society and advance the movement. One of the ways we want to demonstrate our connection to the LGBTTQIA+ community is by participating in Berlin’s Christopher Street Day, but we also celebrate Pride Month in the virtual world at Mastercard Pride Plaza – a virtual space on the Decentraland platform with an immersive Metaverse experience.

Around 400,000 people are expected in Berlin and together we will set an important sign for acceptance and equality. During the CSD parade, we will celebrate with the community on the PoC and Trans* truck, which Mastercard is sponsoring. In addition, there are numerous other activities during Berlin Pride Month as an expression of our long-standing support for the LGBTTQIA+ community.

The fight against discrimination, inequality and injustice has always been at the heart of the CSD. We are also committed to equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal rights. And we are committed to change in the industry, for example with the True Name Feature, which allows trans* and non-binary people to use their own chosen name on their payment cards.

Since the invention of card payments, the official name of the cardholder has always been used, which makes perfect sense – unless you are trans* or non-binary. And if someone hasn’t officially changed their name, which is a lengthy and difficult process in many countries, it can be a problem. Many people have been denied services and faced negative reactions because the name on their card did not match their true identity. The Mastercard True Name feature is designed to change that by allowing people to put their preferred name on their credit, debit or prepaid card without having to legally change their name. We are delighted that GLS Bank is now the first German bank to include the True Name Feature in its product portfolio.

But this is only part of our journey. We need to listen much more, talk much more, and act much more to make meaningful change and progress in our society.

Marene Arnold    

Vice President – Marketing Communications

Mastercard DACH-Region           


Geoffroy Seghetti

Pride Chapter Lead – Mastercard Europe 

Marene Arnold 					Geoffroy Seghetti  Vice President Marketing Communications		Pride Chapter Lead  Mastercard DACH-Region