8. July 2023

Queer Mental Health Panel highlights important issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community.

On July 6, 2023, the Queer Mental Health Panel, organized by the Mental Health Taskforce of the Berlin CSD e. V., took place at the Microsoft Atrium Berlin. The event brought together a variety of experts and guests to share and discuss different aspects of mental health in the queer community. The theme this year was “How can you take care of your mental health?”

The panel included a diverse range of speakers* including Leni Bolt, work-life balance expert, Miriam Junge, psychological psychotherapist, Constanze Körner, executive director of LesLeFam, Lars Tönsfeuerborn, podcaster and entrepreneur, and VeloxTheDox, newly appointed “Puppy Germany 2023”. The event was moderated by Tobias Herrmann-Schwarz, psychologist and member of the core team of the Berlin CSD e. V..

The contributions revolved around various topics related to mental health, especially the current health condition of the queer community. Questions about depression and psychotherapy, the status of the Self-Determination Act, rainbow families, the world of work, and kinks and fetishes were discussed.

After the panel, participants had the opportunity to interact in person, ask questions, and engage in further conversation. Snacks and drinks were provided by Microsoft and created a pleasant atmosphere.

The event received enthusiastic feedback from the audience. About 60 people attended the event. The evening was found to be enriching and inspiring. However, for next time there was also an increased desire to focus the topics somewhat and allow for more interaction. The Mental Health Taskforce was very pleased with how the event went and is already planning to offer another Queer Mental Health Panel as part of Berlin Pride Month next year.


Tobias Herrmann-Schwarz Mental Health Taskforce tobias@csd-berlin.de