Truck registration

Update 12.4.24: Registration for vehicles at CSD 2024 is closed.

Update 14.3.24: Only 7 days left for associations and non-profit organisations to register their vehicles for CSD Berlin!

We are pleased about the positive response to our new offer for clubs and non-profit organisations (category A&B)! However, we have not received any new registrations in categories A & B for almost 2 weeks. We would therefore like to start the registration process for all other categories and the waiting list places, so that as many people as possible can take part!

We are therefore calling on all clubs and non-profit organisations to apply for a starting place in categories A & B on our website within the next 7 days, as the remaining places will then be allocated!

Applications for the year 2024 start on 01.02.2024!

We are delighted to be organising one of the largest demonstrations in Europe again this year. And that includes our visitors, foot groups and your vehicle registrations with social and political messages. So here is some important information.
Starting numbers will also be limited to 75 trucks in 2024!
One obvious reason is our responsibility regarding the footprint of CSD Berlin. As a responsible organisation, it is therefore possible for us to produce less CO2. In addition, we increase the incentive for vehicles with environmentally friendly drive systems by offering discounts. However, it is much more important to us that we harmonise the logistics, safety, the team and also the goals of our demo in the future and responsibly implement a safe and visible demo. The registration process will once again be organised on a first-come-first-served basis. New this year: The division of registration options into 2 groups. For companies, only brands, brands, companies etc. that have an internal & active LGBTIQA*+ employee network group or those that are actively socially active or doing business in the queer community throughout the year will be considered. Cargo bikes or bike structures with more than 3 wheels, a width of +1.50m and facilities are prohibited.

What does “first-come-first-serve” mean?
Our demo leader and deputy demo leader will lead the confirmation process, as in previous years. In 2024, they will also be involved in the registration and bib allocation process right from the start. Your registered category will therefore be specifically checked and must correspond to the truth. This procedure introduced by the association offers an additional opportunity for further verification of participants. The opening of the registration process is available to all registrants at the same time via our website, our press release and our social media channels. This starts on 01.02.2024.
New is the distinction into 2 groups. The 1st group includes all registrations in categories A & B. There are 35 starting numbers for this. All other categories fall into the 2nd group. The first-come-first-serve principle applies to both groups! The internal waiting lists will start as soon as the registration reaches the 35th or 40th interested party. Both lists are managed via a Microsoft Forms link.
Thanks to the first-come-first-serve principle, it will be possible for all 75 initial registrations to receive a starting number. Provided that all criteria are met. This also includes the right of the organisation to reject registrations that are not connected to the community or compatible with the aims of CSD Berlin.

By rejecting individual registrations, but also by not fulfilling all criteria and requirements, waiting list places will be awarded. If the 35 places in the 1st group are not sufficient, the free places in the 2nd group will be filled with waiting list places from the 1st group until logistical planning is no longer possible, no waiting list places are available or the registration full stop has ended. The 2nd group will only be filled with waiting list places if there are free places available in this group. A final assessment and admission will be made by the Executive Board in consultation with the demo team.
If applicants submit an enquiry at a later date, admission can only be granted in exceptional cases and if places are available after consultation and assessment. There is no entitlement.

Starting numbers & raffle:
In 2024, the demo train will be divided into 4 blocks and drawn by lot with the exception of block 1.
Vehicles Berlin CSD e.V. and partners
(Block 1 – allocation by the organisation)
(Queer) associations, federations, collectives, clubs, organisations & institutions
(1st draw for block 2)
Political parties, embassies, ministries, senate chancelleries, etc.
(2nd draw for block 3)
Brands, companies, brands 

(3rd draw for block 4)
Trucks that have registered an escort vehicle will automatically be marked with a) and b). The draw and briefing will take place 4-8 weeks before the demo. The order will be announced.
We are still aware that there are negative feelings every year, so that some people do not like the route of the CSD. We would like to reiterate here that the route of the CSD, the possibilities of evacuation, geographical encirclement in the event of security-relevant incidents, sharp bends, construction sites or construction site planning, which are currently not visible and therefore seem incomprehensible, are a large number of parameters that must be observed and taken into account. All of the above points have been extensively considered, examined, evaluated and discussed with the authorities. The decision will be made in a large committee between the organisation, team, authorities and service providers. The route of the CSD will be published on the website.
Cargo bicycles (narrower than 1.5 metres, up to 3 wheels and without large attachments) & bicycles can register under the menu item “Foot group registration”.

Participation with a vehicle is subject to a fee. The amount of the vehicle fee, which serves to cover the costs of the demo, e.g. for GEMA, radios, area organisers, DEKRA, barriers, rubbish, etc., is staggered depending on the category and type of vehicle.

!!! Vehicles with electronic drive receive a 20% discount !!!


Start of registration 01.02.2024
Registration deadline:
Category A & B = 21.03.2024
Category C – I = 15.05.2024
Graphical control: until 15.06.2024
Final confirmation: by the end of June 2024 at the latest*
*The earlier the documents and payments are submitted, the earlier the confirmation.

Category A:
Clear by definition!
Category B:
Clear and unambiguous by definition!
Category C
Queer groups of all parties that adhere to the basic democratic order, are not observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution or assessed as a test case, and are based in Germany.
Category D
Definition should be clear. Clubs that only define a minority of their programme with queer content will not be admitted. In this case, the queer party series of the programme must register independently.
Category E
Category A or B, which receive financial support from one or more sponsors. Only one of the sponsor logos may be displayed. If there are several sponsor logos, the conditions of category G apply.
Category F
Category G applicants agree to share 25% of their space, advertising and guests with a club, association, collective or queer organisation.
Category G
Companies, brands & organisations with active and official queer employee groups. Proof of this must be provided.
Category H
Clear and explicit by definition. This also includes queer employee networks of these organisations.
Category I
All those applicants who support the organisation with a financial contribution (e.g. sponsorship or assumption of invoices/costs) in the amount of €10,000.
!!! Vehicles with electronic drive receive a 20% discount !!!

Category car up to 12 t from 12 t
A non-profit organisations – € – € – €
B Associations – € 500,00 € 500,00 €
C parties € 1,000.00 € 2,500.00 € 2,500.00 € 2,500.00
D queer clubs/ parties/ collectives € 1,000.00 € 2,500.00 € 2,500.00 € 2,500.00
E Category A or B + 1 sponsor logo € 250.00 € 3,000.00 € 4,000.00 €
F Category G (25% for organisation as co-op. partner) € 1,500.00 € 5,000.00 € 5,000.00
G Company with official network group € 2,500.00 € 6,000.00 € 6,000.00
H Embassies/ ministries/ senate etc. € 3,000.00 € 6,000.00 € 6,000.00 € 6,000.00
I Brands that sponsor 10K or more € 1,000.00 € 3,000.00 € 3,000.00 € 3,000.00 



Deadline 12.04.2024

Visual screening: until 15.06.2024

Final confirmation: until 22.06.2024


By definition explicit and clear!

queer initiatives:
By definition explicit and clear!

queer clubs/ partys:
By definition explicit and clear!

NGO with sponsor (max. 20% of the surface):
By definition explicit and clear

Company a):
Companies and brands with queer employee groups, that are a minimum 3 years old (proof of registration is necessary!)

Company b):
Companies and brands with queer employee groups, that are younger than (up to) 2 years old (proof of registration is necessary!). 
Ministries, embassies and senate offices fall also into this category.

Company c):
Companies and brands without queer employee groups. Their participation will be verified upon request.