Truck registration

Photo © Brigitte Dummer

In 2023 motorized vehicles can be registered for the Berlin CSD demonstration. Maximum limit in 2023! Registration deadline ends earlier!

The demo will be led by the association vehicles. In 2023 there will be different blocks for motorized vehicles. A new random draw system will be launched closer to the CSD. The costs for the registration of the vehicles can be found at the bottom of this page.

Freight bicycles, bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles can register under “Register foot group”. However, this is not mandatory. For the first time, the Berlin CSD e.V. will probably limit the number of vehicles. We will communicate this info in a timely manner.

Important to know for the following year: participation with a vehicle is subject to a fee. The amount of the vehicle contribution, which serves to cover the costs for GEMA, radios, area folders, DEKRA, barriers, trash containers, etc., depends on the category and the type of vehicle and is staggered.



Deadline 30.05.2023

Visual screening: until 15.06.2023

Final confirmation: until 22.06.2023


By definition explicit and clear!

queer initiatives:
By definition explicit and clear!

queer clubs/ partys:
By definition explicit and clear!

NGO with sponsor (max. 20% of the surface):
By definition explicit and clear

Company a):
Companies and brands with queer employee groups, that are a minimum 3 years old (proof of registration is necessary!)

Company b):
Companies and brands with queer employee groups, that are younger than (up to) 2 years old (proof of registration is necessary!). 
Ministries, embassies and senate offices fall also into this category.

Company c):
Companies and brands without queer employee groups. Their participation will be verified upon request.

Category Car under 12 t from 12t
A NGO –   €  250,00 €  500,00 €
B queer initiatives 250,00 €  500,00 €  750,00 €
C Political parties 500,00 €  2.500,00 €  2.500,00 €
D queer clubs / parties 500,00 €  1.000,00 €  2.000,00 €
E NGOs with sponsor (20%) 250,00 €  1.500,00 €  2.500,00 €
F Company a 1.000,00 €  4.000,00 €  4.000,00 €
G Company b 2.000,00 €  6.000,00 €  6.000,00 €
H Company c 3.500,00 €  10.000,00 €  10.000,00 €