11. July 2023

We celebrate every road you take. 

Mercedes-Benz Pride

We celebrate every road you take.

Nearly 170,000 employees from over 140 nations work at Mercedes-Benz worldwide. In its daily dealings with each other, the company stands for understanding, openness and a culture of appreciation. It is therefore important to focus on diversity as a company and to direct energy towards a common goal: All employees should be able to contribute their personalities, skills and perspectives on an equal footing.
This includes our employees being able to openly acknowledge their sexual orientation and gender identity. This applies equally to homosexuals and bisexuals as well as to trans* persons, intersexuals or queer people (LGBTIQ+). At Mercedes-Benz, it doesn’t matter where you come from, who you love, or what gender you feel you belong to.
That is our common goal. That’s what we stand up for and fly the flag for.

Together with our queer employee networks – such as UNITY, Spectrum and Queers & Friends – we have been campaigning for the LGBTIQ+ community inside and outside Mercedes-Benz for many years. With dialog formats, online trainings, and the open invitation to all employees to participate in the year-round PRIDE activities, we raise awareness for each other and create more togetherness. And with that, a work environment where the uniqueness of each team member is valued and everyone is equal.

As a team, we include uniqueness in many facets – including people with special mental and physical needs.

The best possible inclusion of people with special mental or physical needs is achieved when the focus is on the individual with his or her qualifications and aptitude and can make an equal contribution to the joint work result and thus to the company’s success. Thus, inclusion has the important task of breaking down barriers. The employment of people with disabilities at Mercedes-Benz has been based on an inclusion agreement since 2002. Incidentally, the training of young people with disabilities is of particular importance at Mercedes-Benz. By joining the global initiative The Valuable 500 in 2020, we have committed ourselves to promoting an empowering and inclusive work environment as well as supporting social inclusion. We also do our part in terms of inclusion at Pride parades, for example with sign language interpreters in Stuttgart and Berlin or with the “queer handicapped area” at PRIDE Cologne.

Our attitude radiates worldwide from the inside out – with Mercedes-Benz Pride.

On the streets at PRIDES, we show our stance wherever we have a strong presence as an employer. Together with our employees, their hearts and families, we are represented at numerous PRIDES around the world this year: In the U.S., we are at the Charleston PRIDE parade, Dallas PRIDE, Motor City PRIDE in Detroit, Tuscaloosa Druid City Pride and Atlanta PRIDE in Germany we can be found at Cologne PRIDE as well as parades in Berlin, Stuttgart and Bremen, and in South Africa we are flying the flag at Johannesburg PRIDE. In many cities we support the local communities with sponsoring activities and thus set a further sign for the LGBTIQ+ community.